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Slide Option Systems is a specialist IT systems provider
dedicated to the apparel and footwear industries.

Apparel Specialists

We have developed a specialised software suite designed exclusively for the apparel industry.  We have considerable experience working with a wide range of different businesses, which has given us a unique insight into the complexities of the apparel industry.  We can guide you through all aspects of the process, from system selection through to full implementation and on-going support.  From ERP to B2C, Contact Us to find out how with can improve your business today

Uniform Entitlement Ordering

Our uniform entitlement ordering system is a state of the art solution for all your clients ordering requirements.  Role based entitlements, dollar based allocations, anniversary ordering and initial allocations are just the start of what our system has to offer.  We understand that no two uniform ordering websites are the same and we have developed a system that caters for every scenario.  Whether your customer has tens of thousands of employees placing their own orders to central management ordering, Click here to find out more.

Software In The Cloud

To keep up with today’s ever evolving business requirements and models we have evolved our core software to run as cloud based solutions.  This provides you with all the functionality of an On-Premise  installation with the cost and maintenance benefits of a cloud solution.  This also gives us the flexibility to scale our infrastructure as your business expands or at times of increased demand.  We also offer products under a “Software As A Service” agreement meaning you can tailor your services to suit your size and requirements.

Business Intelligence

The benefits of business intelligence tools include accelerating and improving decision-making, optimizing internal business processes, increasing operational efficiency, driving new revenues and gaining competitive advantage over business rivals. BI systems can also help you identify market trends and spot business problems that need to be addressed.  Here at Option Systems we are looking at new ways to create data warehouses, dashboards and reporting tools to provide you with the best possible tools to work with your data.

Our Products

Below are some of our core products written specifically for the apparel industry.


STYLEman is an enterprise application (ERP system) designed specifically for clothing, footwear and accessories businesses.
It covers the core business functions: sales, sourcing, manufacturing, stock, warehouse management, distribution and financial.


Wardrobe Ordering

Our Entitlement Management System delivers industry leading B2B uniform ordering. We have written our system to cater for the many variations of uniform entitlements, from central ordering to tens of thousands of employees placing individual orders.


Warehouse Scanning

Our warehouse scanning system has been written to allow you manage all aspects of warehouse stock from a hand-held device. Functionality includes location based picking, consolidated dispatching, stocking movements, receipts and stock-take.