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STYLEman is equipped with a vast number of standard reports that have evolved over a number of years.  Many of these reports have powerful selection, sort and output options to provide you with the flexibility to analyse data the way you want.

However we also recognise that no matter the number of existing reports, users will always require their own additional tweaks and modifications to report layouts to suit the way they work.  For this reason, we provide complementary tools and facilities for extracting data from our products.

ODBC Compliance
The STYLEman database can be accessed by any report writing tool using an ODBC connection, including Crystal, Cognos and Excel.

STYLEman Open Access
STYLEman comes equipped with a data export utility that allows user defined queries to run automatically at pre-defined times.  The data can be dumped in a format determined by the user and facilities exist to create new ad hoc fields, for example by stringing or multiplying fields together.

Walkabout is a highly integrated, end-user orientated report writer for STYLEman.  Presenting the user with a simplified view of the database structure, this module gives the user an ideal tool to report and query in any format on the mass of information held within the STYLEman product set.

The STYLEman database is a large and complex structure and understanding it can be difficult for end users who want to write a simple query.  The Walkabout approach has a knowledge base that simplifies the underlying structure such that the relationships between the various tables are pre-defined. 

This means that Walkabout can be used by staff with less experience than would be needed with traditional reporting tools.

The Dashboard allows you to view your business performance at a glance.  Different forms of KPIs can be established with unique refresh rates and trigger thresholds.  Data can be merged from multiple sources in addition to STYLEman, including spreadsheets.

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Selection of any indicator allows you to drill back and across into the underlying data.



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