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We have a range of products in our application portfolio that are simply the best on the market, and access to our unique and comprehensive products 24/7 from any Internet point in the world provides unparalleled flexibility and usability.

STYLEprm (Product Range Management) was designed from the outset to be a web-hosted application.  Nothing is more important during the product development life cycle than providing immediate up-to-date information to your business partners whether they are suppliers or customers.  STYLEprm allows total Internet based collaboration between parties with an interest in the development of a style.  STYLEprm takes full advantage of current technology, with a browser-based architecture that means it runs equally well on Mac, PC or Linux clients.  It can be accessed from anywhere in the world, is available in a range of different languages, and can be integrated easily using XML with third party ERP, CAD and merchandising systems for true end-to-end supply chain management.

The scope of STYLEman ERP covers manufacturing, purchasing, wholesale distribution and retail.  All these functions are accessible to all users via the Internet whether you're in the office, at home, in a hotel or in a factory anywhere in the world.

In STYLEman, wide scale B2B functions come as standard:

Let your suppliers do the detailed work.  Using standard security features, you can allow them to update and progress production critical path details, modify shipment dates, and enter containers, bills of lading and carton details.  You'll be notified of any changes if you want to be.

Let your customers enquire about their existing orders and place new ones.  Using standard security features, you can allow them to look at their order status and past account details, check real time stock availability and place new orders.

Sales Agents
Relieve the pressure on your internal office resource.  Let your sales agents enquire about orders and deliveries for all their customers.  Using standard security features, you can allow them to sit with a customer and process sales orders immediately online and provide immediate and accurate information regarding deliveries and account status.

With STYLEb2c you can have a consumer sales website without any of the usual update and synchronising headaches.  STYLEb2c is a shopping cart application that can be easily tailored to match your corporate image.

Products, pricing and availability are loaded automatically from STYLEman to the website.  Consumer orders are sent back to STYLEman from STYLEb2c for fulfilment.  Despatch details are sent back to the website and the consumer, resulting in seamless integration and small order fulfilment.



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