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Option Systems is a specialist systems provider dedicated to the apparel and footwear industries.  Our products are designed exclusively for apparel and footwear companies, and have established a reputation as the most advanced, versatile and innovative products available in the global marketplace. 

We are a privately owned, specialist software company.  Our success has led to a number of major multinational companies investing in STYLEman and now the product is distributed and supported throughout the world and is operational in 33 countries. 

Our core product is the STYLEman ERP system, an enterprise-wide software application specifically designed and developed for apparel companies. 

Over the last decade, OSL and STYLEman have earned a reputation and pedigree second to none, supplying a full range of clients from small start-up operations through to some of the sector's best-known and largest companies. 

We also distribute a range of complimentary “best of breed” products that are exclusively designed for the apparel industry and add additional scope and functionality to the STYLEman system.

We have a team of specialists who together have in excess of 500 man-years experience of the apparel industry.  This experience has been gained across the full spectrum of the sector, ranging from small independent operations to large multinational public companies and covering all aspects of the market place.



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